CDC Newtonville staff and former scholars attended a seminar at the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Nashua earning 4 out of 30 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) required every three years to maintain certification.  This Teaching Comprehension seminar was presented by Dr. Elaine Holden. We returned more enlightened and ready to try new techniques!


Left to Right Top Row: Cindy Sherman, Jenn-Ann Caruso, Lisa Englert, Nancy Goodman, Rose Tagliamonte
Bottom Row: Mary Ann Woods, Julie Mathisen, Maria Contrada, Andrea Dolezal, Lynda Pinaud, Toni Duncan-Brown, Trish Hartigan, Tim Brainerd

Swim around Martha’s Vineyard for Dyslexia – August 2015.  Meeting at Consensus in Vineyard Haven


Left to right: Sally Taylor (Consensus Owner and Dean’s wife), Rose Tagliamonte (CDC Board Member), Dean Bragonier (Swimmer and Noticeability Owner)


Zakim Bridge Red Lighting for Dyslexia  with October Dyslexia Awareness Proclamation – December 15th, 2015


Left to right: Nicole Mitsakis (DDMA), Rose Tagliamonte(DDMA, and CDC Board Member and Tutor), Bernie Goulding (CDC Board Chairman), Nancy Duggan (DDMA)

Mac’s Retirement Party August 2015.  She will be missed!

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